Download the WUR Drift Calculator

To download the WDC installation package, fill out the form below. The data in the form will be handled with care to respect your privacy, following the regulations of the GDPR. It will be used for registration of the software only, and to inform you about updates and similar notices. Your personal data will never be supplied or sold to third parties.

For the software to work adequately, it is important to have all these files in the same folder. Occasionally, the online help file (.chm) may not open properly when the package is installed on a network drive. This is due to a security feature of Microsoft regarding the use of .chm files. If this problem occurs, the package may be installed on a local drive instead.

Please see the release notes for latest updates of the software.
Please also check the page with known issues.
In case Microsoft Defender Smartscreen is preventing you to run the downloaded installation file, please follow this link for help.

WUR Drift Calculator v2.6x - installation package download form
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