Release notes WDC

Version 2.61 – May 26, 2021

This is the first public release. This release involves a small adjustment in the software. The method described in Section 2.5 of the WDC User Manual (concerning the logical order of drift deposits with increasing DRT classes) was adapted to include the conventional application technique as well. In a few cases with NTA/NTP evaluation, drift reducing application techniques could result in higher drift deposits than the conventional spray application. This particularly applies to spindle trees. This might lead to underestimation of drift deposits. Therefore, for avenue trees, the drift deposits for the conventional application are adjusted to the (potentially higher) deposits of a drift reducing application technique; see Section 2.5 of the WDC User Manual for further details of the method.

Version 2.6 – March 10, 2021

The first release version is 2.6 (Feb 2021), accompanied by publishing the WDC user manual. Actually, the release was still quiet as it was tested in practice by only few people. Why start with number 2.6? The old IMAG Drift Calculator (from 2003) was 1.0, so WDC started with 2.0. Up to version 2.5 were unpublished pre-release versions.